Streamlined human resources and extensive and continual staff training remove the burden of management from our partner dentists.


Our systems quickly apply best practices to quickly reduce costs while increasing value, production and collections… permanently.


Watch your practice catch fire as the Patient Experience Machine and Station Dental Systems create a lean, successful dental practice.

Centralized Accounting & Billing

  • Experts ensure that accounts receivable are almost non-existent
  • Collections soar over 98%
  • Payroll is on-time and error free
  • Tax time? What’s that?

Insurance Mastery

Your claims will be sent on-time and be paid at the highest fee possible thanks to our full-service re-negotiation and fee optimization team. Plus, our Dr note templates make narratives a no-brainer, leaving your time for your patients.

Phone & Scheduling Center

Never miss a call again, and while you’ve got them, don’t let them get away! Heavy ongoing training goes in to every person in our call center ensuring top quality patient care and scheduling. Convert more new patients, reduce no-shows & cancellations, and keep the office staff focused on patient care and treatment coordination.

What are you waiting for?

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